A Patriotic Happily-Ever-After, Castle Style!

Crystal and IsaiahWhen Crystal Holmes and Isaiah Hope of Kincheloe, Michigan entered the Castle’s Heroes Wedding Giveaway last fall, they figured they had little chance of winning their dream wedding. “We first started looking for wedding venues nine years ago,” Crystal said. “That’s when we fell in love with Castle Farms.” “A Salute to our Soldiers” Heroes Military Wedding Giveaway, sponsored by Castle Farms and local vendors, was open to couples all across northern Michigan and the U.P. with one (or both) active military or veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Crystal didn’t enter them in the Heroes Wedding Giveaway until the very last day. Five finalists were announced on Nov. 6th, and voting took place Nov. 7 – 11 through the Castle’s Facebook page. Crystal and Isaiah were announced as the winners on November 11th, Veteran’s Day.

“Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable,” Crystal said after learning that she and Isaiah had won. “People started voting for us. People we didn’t even know. It didn’t really sink in that we were the winners until we got the phone call.” Crystal and Isaiah were overwhelmed by the community support. “The people of Kincheloe and all over Chippewa County were voting for us, and we’re so grateful to everyone. Castle Farms is our dream wedding spot.”

The couple, who met in high school, has been together ten years. They wanted to get married right away, but every time they began planning the wedding, something came up. Isaiah, who was on active duty in the Army from 2002-2008, through the National Guard, was sent to Iraq for a nineteen month deployment. After his return, the couple again began looking at wedding venues, but quit after learning that Isaiah was once again being deployed, this time to assist during Hurricane Katrina. As the years passed, two children, full-time jobs and Crystal’s college career kept the couple busy with other things rather than planning that long overdue wedding.

Now they’ve won the Heroes Dream Military Wedding Giveaway, the couple has no plans of letting anything get in the way. Crystal and Isaiah are on active duty countdown for their July 2015 wedding at Castle Farms.

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Employee Spotlight – Johanna Alexander, Wedding Planner and Venue Coordinator

Johanna Alexander | photo: Center of Attention PhotographyJohanna knew from an early age that she was meant to be a wedding planner. She loved organizing, and planning parties and events. Pair that with weddings, and Johanna knew it would be a perfect fit. Prior to graduation from Central Michigan University, Johanna served a six-month internship at Castle Farms. She promptly fell in love with the Castle, and knew it was where she was meant to be. Years later, Johanna now spends her days planning events, assisting bridal couples, and serving as the Castle’s Wedding Planner, a service offered exclusively to Castle couples. She prides herself on being highly organized, and enjoys being in charge of weddings.


Johanna is a Certified Wedding Planner through the Association of Bridal Consultants. “Planning a wedding can be very stressful. I take care of all the details, which is great for the bride and groom. They can relax, and I do all the work.”

As a Wedding Planner, Johanna’s responsibilities include Infinity Photographyworking with the bridal couple from the very beginning to the end of the wedding process. She researches vendors, assists in the selection process, offers décor suggestions, attends vendor meetings (with or on behalf of the bride and groom), and reviews vendor contracts. It’s Johanna’s job to serve as a professional intermediary. If a bride has ten DJs in mind, Johanna can easily whittle down the list to the top three, and present the bridal couple with estimated bids, significantly cutting down on the time they would have spent doing the research themselves. While Johanna can make referrals and recommendations, bridal couples ultimately are the ones who make the final choice. Come wedding day, Johanna is busy attending to the set-up, plus decorating the ceremony and reception areas. And it’s Johanna who is there to assist the bride and groom, soothing anxious nerves before, during and after they become man and wife.

Johanna and bride
One of Johanna’s most rewarding moments in her career occurred when she planned and coordinated a Castle wedding within a two month timeframe. The couple booked the event, and Johanna quickly got to work. “Eight weeks isn’t a lot of time to plan a wedding, so I was excited for the challenge.” Exactly two months later, with Johanna looking on, the bride walked down the aisle of the Knight’s Courtyard to marry her groom. The reception that followed in the West Garden Room was an elegant affair, resulting in happy guests and a very grateful bridal couple.


During her years of wedding planning, Johanna’s found that trends change as time goes on. “The look of weddings is changing. Simple elegance is becoming very popular.” She’s also happy in her role as the Castle’s Wedding Planner. “I like being able to coordinate on-site weddings. I’m familiar with the layouts of each room, and can easily convey what will and won’t work to the bridal couple. If they have a certain color scheme in mind, which wouldn’t necessarily fit with the lighting and room theme, I help guide them in the right direction.”

Photo Shoot | Center of Attention PhotographyPhoto Shoot | Center of Attention Photography
Johanna is a pro when it comes to wedding planning, which means she’ll use any means at her disposal in order to achieve the perfect look for the perfect day. For one styled shoot showcasing a winter wedding, Johanna brought in her capable assistant: her beloved 3 ½ yr. old French bulldog Sophie. “She actually behaved better than I expected,” said Johanna. “Normally she’s pretty sassy, probably because she’s spoiled rotten. But Sophie loved being in the photo shoot. She was happy.”Johanna and Sophie


Make that ‘happy times two”. Sophie spends her days happily lapping up doggie treats and dealing with her newfound fame from the occasional photo shoot. Meanwhile, Johanna’s happy living out her dream job at Castle Farms, making other people’s dreams come true.

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Historic Cake Toppers

Richard and Linda's Cake TopperCastle Farms owner Linda Mueller started her wedding cake topper collection after reading a magazine article about brides using vintage cake toppers. Linda still had her own cake topper from her wedding to husband Richard in 1969. Linda dusted off the family heirloom, found an empty display cabinet in the Main Office Foyer, and thus a new Castle collection was born.

The tradition of wedding cakes can be traced back to ancient Cake Topper - Victorian formalRoman times, but it wasn’t until the Victorian era (1837-1901) that cake toppers gain popularity. This piece, from the 1880s, features a couple made of spun sugar. In keeping with Victorian times (known for its high moral values), the couple stand apart, rather than in a formal embrace.

During the Victorian era, a pair of clasped hands signifiedCake Topper - Clasped hands friendship, courtship, love and marriage. The image of clasped hands proved so popular, it became common for use on wedding cakes. This topper with wax hands dates back to the early 1900’s.


Cake toppers were often sold in bakeries, along with the wedding Cake Topper - 100 year old frostingcake. This Victorian cake topper features frosting more than one hundred years old. Victorian bridal cakes also sometimes featured orange blossoms and sprigs of myrtle, which were handed off to wedding guests as party favors. Queen Victoria’s wedding cake weighed over 300 lbs. The bridal figures stood nearly one foot tall.

Renowned artist Rose O’Neill gained international fame with herCake Topper - Kewpie dolls Kewpie dolls circa 1912. These rare toppers are made of bisque porcelain (1920-1950). Crepe paper was often used for the clothing, as well as scraps of tulle, lace, and other items.


Use of wedding cake toppers in the United States gained inCake Topper - Sears & Roebuck catalog popularity after World War I. One of the most significant reasons can be traced back to Sears, then the largest mail order catalog company in the world. Albert Loeb, 1st owner of the Castle, was President of Sears when the catalog began featuring cake toppers for sale. This topper was sold in the Sears catalog for $1.47.

During WWII (1941-1945), toppers often featured soldiers inCake Topper - Bridal Party uniform, hand-in-hand with their brides. Once the war ended, jubilant bridal parties paraded across wedding cakes such as in this example from 1950.


A recent addition to the collection is the kissing bridal couple. ItCake Topper - Chris and Karrie Mueller was specially made for Chris Muller (Linda and Richard’s son) and his wife Karrie when they married in 2011. Linda’s historic Bridal Cake Topper Collection started with her own cake topper and now takes up an entire wall of showcases in the Castle’s Main Office Foyer. The collection can be seen by visitors when taking a tour.

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The Real Story of the Not So Real Castle Wedding

The Not So Real Castle Wedding | Paxton PhotographyJodi and Todd Thompson, who will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in August, were the stars of the show at The Not So Real Castle Wedding on May 9th. The Thompsons renewed their vows before family and friends, plus Castle guests, at the event. Jodi and Todd were thrilled at being selected for the Not So Real Castle Wedding. “We felt as if it really was real, and we were Prince & Princess Thompson.

Queen's Courtyard | Paxton PhotographyThe Not So Real Castle Wedding | Paxton PhotographySpecial moments during the ceremony? Todd’s father, who had married the couple 25 years earlier, was again present to witness and assist with their vows. Jodi and Todd’s daughters, Carly and Rachel, were there too, and stood up with their parents. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktail hour, then dinner and dancing in the Knight’s Castle.

Abraham's Carriage Service | Paxton Photography
Monarch Garden and Floral Design | Paxton Photography
Rev. Glad Remaly | Paxton Photography


The Not So Real Castle Wedding was planned as a way to showcase Northern Michigan wedding vendors and Castle Farms to bridal couples seeking inspiration for their own wedding day. Couples attending were able to experience firsthand how professionals handled each aspect of a wedding. A host of vendors participated in the event. The vow renewal ceremony was held at Castle Farms in the Queen’s Courtyard, with the Rev. Glad Remaly officiating as clergy, assisted by Todd’s father.

Taylor Rental of Petoskey | Paxton Photography
The Knight's Castle | Paxton Photography
Monarch Garden and Floral Design | Paxton Photography


Johanna Alexander, Castle Farms Wedding Planner, planned and coordinated the event, which began at 5 pm as the bride arrived to the courtyard in a Cinderella coach carriage courtesy of Abraham’s Carriage Service. Flower arrangements were done by Monarch Garden and Floral Design; The A+ Event Entertainment Trio provided the ceremony and reception music; and Paxton Photography was on hand to capture the special moments on film.

Grey Gables Inn Restaurant & Catering | Paxton PhotographySimply Sweet by Jessica | Paxton PhotographyJohanna Alexander, Wedding Planner | Paxton PhotographyPaxton Photography

The Knight’s Castle was decorated with linens and table service courtesy of Taylor Rental of Petoskey, plus décor from both Monarch Garden and Floral Design, and Simply Sweet by Jessica, who also provided the wedding cake, cupcakes and desserts. Dinner was prepared and served by Grey Gables Inn Restaurant & Catering. Transportation for guests to/from Charlevoix hotels was courtesy of Midnight Madness.

The Not So Real Castle Wedding The Not So Real Castle Wedding | Paxton Photographywas a stunning success. Guests left with a better knowledge of how wedding vendors operate, and everyone had a great time, especially Jodi and Todd. “Thank you for choosing us for this event, and dream come true,” the couple wrote. “You gave us such a gift for our 25th Wedding Anniversary, one we will cherish forever.”

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Grow Yourself Some Magic

Fairy Garden Make & Take class“Do you believe in fairies?” Peter Pan asked all who might be dreaming of the Neverland. “Do you believe in fairies? Yes, we do! We believe so wholeheartedly in these whimsical creatures that the Castle is offering free specialty workshops just for fairy garden making. What’s a fairy garden? It’s a wee garden for the wee folk, and takes up only a wee bit of space on your patio, front porch, or even inside on your desk. You don’t know how to garden? The fairies don’t care. They told us long ago that there’s no right or wrong way to make a fairy garden. All they want is a little place to live. Fairy gardens make year-round gardening fun. Create a special holiday theme and swap out the décor with the changing seasons. Best of all, fairy garden magic involves the whole family. Children love hands-on projects, and watching the gardens bloom. Lighten your hearts and brighten your homes with a bit of greenery and magic grown in your very own fairy garden.

Enjoy free admission to a Castle Fairy Fairy Garden basketGarden Make & Take class. Held one evening each month throughout the summer, these hands-on classes will help you learn how to create, cultivate and maintain your own miniature fairy garden. All that’s required is a spark of imagination, plus a container. What type? Baskets, buckets, flower pots, small wagons, fish bowls (no fish, please!) and hollowed-out logs all work great. Castle Farms will provide the potting soil free of charge. The Castle also has containers, accessories, decorations and plants available for purchase.

Fairy Garden Make & Take Classes offered on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm, June 16, July 14 and August 11. Register here.

P.S. Tinker Bell thanks you!

Fairy Garden planterFairy Garden gnomesFairy Garden mushroom houseFairy Garden basket

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Employee Spotlight – Mason Louiselle, Event Staff

Meet Mason Louiselle

Mason LouiselleMason Louiselle is only 17 years old, but he’s seen a lot in his three years working at the Castle as part of the Event staff. He was only 14 when his grandfather Chet (one of the Castle’s full-time gardeners) told him about the job. Mason was quick to jump at the opportunity. “Working at the Castle is very different from the typical summer jobs most of my friends have. They’re working behind counters, or at marinas, while I get to work with weddings, and help at different events. Being at the Castle is totally unique. I think it’s really cool. Plus, I get to work with my grandfather. Sometimes we have breakfast together before starting our day. That’s cool, too.”

As part of the Event staff, Mason’s day usually starts before most people get out of bed. “I’m at the Castle by 6 am and usually work until 3 pm, depending on what’s scheduled,” he says. Event staff responsibilities include setting up the different rooms with the correct number of tables, candle centerpieces, chairs and linens to match the number of guests who’ll be attending the next event. In a matter of 7-8 hours, a venue which only hours before was filled with music, dining and dancing, will be broken down (by Assistant Coordinators), cleaned (by Housekeepers), and re-set by Mason and the other 11 members of the team. “Being here at the Castle, I’ve learned a lot about communication and teamwork,” Mason says. “Those things are crucial, especially on busy event days.” Mason works directly with Castle guests, showing them where to park, then directing them to the proper location. Guests often ask him questions, and Mason enjoys being able to share historical insights about the Castle he loves.

“Even when I eventually go off to college, I want to Mason Louisellecome back to Castle Farms and work during the summers. You can’t get a job like this anywhere else.” Mason appreciates being able to keep busy. “There’s never a dull moment at the Castle, especially when you’re a member of the Event staff.” One of his most memorable experiences occurred during his first summer on the job. It was a busy festival day, with more than 2,000 people on property. Mason was called to assist in rescuing a BMW automobile that had jammed itself into the Castle’s automatic gate; once that was cleared, he immediately had to switch gears and assist at an outdoor wedding that was ‘called’ due to threat of rain. Mason and the entire event staff quickly got to work. Within minutes, they were able to move the outdoor ceremony into the indoor rain plan location. Once set up was complete, and the bride started down the aisle, Mason returned to assist with festival guests.

Mason LouiselleMason loves baseball, and plays for the Charlevoix High School team as pitcher. He hopes someday to play on a college baseball team. Whether he makes it to the pros or not remains to be seen, but he knows his future includes a career that involves athletic training. Mason loves sports, which gives him yet one more thing in common with former workers at the Castle (Loeb Farms, 1918-1927), who needed something to do on their evenings and days off. They formed a baseball team named the Sodbusters and played other area baseball teams, including East Jordan, Petoskey, and Harbor Springs. The Sodbusters went on to achieve semi-pro Baseball Team - The Sodbustersstatus. The team disbanded after 1923 when their lead pitcher (who worked with the dairy cows) was drafted by the Cleveland Indians. Mason enjoys sharing the story of the Sodbusters with guests, and often points out the remnants of the baseball field, stone dugout and bleachers which still stand today. He’s an annual participant in the local 4th of July baseball game between a private homeowners’ association and Castle Farms.

While we wish Mason much future success, we selfishly hope to keep him on staff as part of the Castle’s Event team (and baseball team too) for as long as possible. What does Mason have to say about that? He just grins. “Batter up!”

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All Because Two People Fell in Love

What do trains, Christmas cookies, and the Castle have in common? Read on for the delicious story of how two people fell in love…

Linda MuellerLinda Mueller, current owner of Castle Farms, was shy and bashful while growing up in the Cleveland suburb of Lakewood, Ohio. When she was a senior in high school, Linda’s parents talked her into taking speech class. “It will be good for you,” they said. At the time, Linda didn’t agree, but she’s since changed her mind. “It turned out to be a good class for me,” she says. “I got a husband!”

Linda and Richard Mueller met while in speech class together. Linda was fascinated with Richard from the beginning, but it took him until early December to ask her out for a date. They went to see a movie, and then to a restaurant which had trains running on tracks up around the ceiling high above their heads. Both of them thought the trains were awesome. A few weeks later, Linda designed special ‘train cookies’ for Richard at Christmas. Since she couldn’t find train cookie cutters, she cut them by hand, baked and decorated them, then stored them in a special tin. Richard loved the train cookies, and hid them in his desk so his family wouldn’t find them and eat them.

By New Year’s, Linda and Richard were a Richard and Linda Muellersteady item. They even ‘double-dated’ with his parents who often treated the couple to dinner and movies. Linda was intrigued by Richard and his family. While she was a quiet stay-at-home type, he and his family were always going out and doing things. Looking back, she laughs about it. “I never realized when I married him that it would result in non-stop action for the rest of my life.”

Senior prom and high school graduation came and went. At summer’s end, Richard went off to study engineering at the University of Michigan, while Linda headed to Kent State for art history. But college couldn’t keep them apart. After their freshman year, Linda (who, at the ripe old age of 19 had already decided that Richard was the man for her, and that she couldn’t wait around forever), said to him one day, “Why don’t we get married?” Richard didn’t even blink. He nodded and said, “Sounds like a good idea to me.”

Richard and Linda's Cake TopperThey were married on May 3, 1969, in a church featuring gothic arches and stone walls (just like the Castle). After they returned from their honeymoon, the newlyweds settled into married housing at the University of Michigan and Linda happily went about making their first home together. Richard (who was still a student) also worked for a small business called Domino’s Pizza. He’d started working for Domino’s in 1967, driving a delivery truck and delivering pizza to the dorms. Richard bought his first Domino’s store in 1970 as soon as he turned 21 and was old enough to sign the contracts. In partnership with his brother (and later his and Linda’s oldest son), the number grew to over 135 Domino’s Pizza stores, primarily in Mississippi and Louisiana. “Most of the profits went into real estate and investments,” says Linda, “and that worked out pretty well.” All that pepperoni helped fund the purchase of the Castle.

Linda on a ThroneLinda was still in high school the first time she saw the Castle. She’d traveled to Charlevoix with Richard and his family, who had summer ties to the area. Linda was fascinated by the great stone walls and buildings of Castle Farms. After she and Richard married, the two of them visited every time the Castle was open for events. When it came up for sale, Richard ‘bugged her’ to buy and restore the Castle, a decision she does not regret. “Richard was always bugging me to do stuff,” she says, “and even after 46 years of marriage, he’s still bugging me to do stuff today.” But when it came to buying the Castle, she didn’t rely just on Richard. A woman of deep faith, Linda put the decision into God’s hands. “It’s your choice, God,” she thought to herself. “If it’s not right for me, then I’ll accept it.” Ultimately the sale went through and in January 2002, Linda became the fourth owner of Castle Farms. Linda still puts everything in the hands of God, even after 46 years of marriage, four children, and six grandchildren later. “You just never know,” she says. “Richard and I did everything wrong, and it still worked out.”

All because two people fell in love, and some Richard and Linda greeting gueststrain Christmas cookies. It seems fitting that today, the Castle has the largest Outdoor Model Railroad in Michigan. Plus, Richard and Linda’s son Chris and his wife Karrie have their own cookie cutter web business. One of the things it sells: train cookie cutters! Linda laughs and says, “I could have used a couple of those back when Richard and I first met.”

Visit the Castle for a glimpse of Linda and Richard’s wedding cake topper. The same cake topper was used by their daughter Kathy on her own wedding cake. Linda’s wedding dress can be seen at the Castle by visitors on tour during the week of June 18-24 at the 6th Annual Antique Wedding Gown & Quilt Display.

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Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Knight's Circle GardenThe Castle gardens have so many tulips bursting into bloom, we think a bit of tip-toeing is in order. A recent stroll around the Castle showed spectacular springtime flowers. Meanwhile, the daffodils are also competing for our attention. From light shades of lilac to the deepest purples, from soft buttercups to vibrant yellows, the gardens of Castle Farms are alive with the promise of spring. Now all we need are a few more warm sunny days before all our gardens (eighteen of them!) come into full bloom. Let’s take a peek at some of the things we recently spotted, and what we can look forward to in the weeks and months ahead:

West Courtyard GardenWest Courtyard Garden

Tulips and daffodils compete for attention in this elegant formal garden with its graceful garden gazebo.



Queen's Circle GardenQueen’s Circle Garden

Tulips basking in the sun hold the spotlight in this pretty little garden on the Queen’s Drive near the Reflection Pond.



King's Grand CourtyardKing’s Grand Courtyard Garden

Fragrant roses will soon be blooming in the multi-terraced vista of the King’s Grand Courtyard Garden. The four graceful stone maidens enjoy a position of royal prominence while surrounded by tulip and daffodil blossoms waving in the wind.


East GardenEast Garden

The East Garden, second oldest at the Castle, is alive with yellow and white daffodils. Once the numerous lavender bushes begin to bloom, the East Garden will be filled with a sweet aromatic fragrance.


Knight's CourtyardKnight’s Courtyard Garden

Privacy hedges border this beautiful secluded garden. Come early summer, the colorful hollyhocks and iris will begin to demand our attention, but the Zephrine Drouin and Kathleen Harrop climbing roses are sure to win out because of their sweet sensual fragrance.

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Employee Spotlight – Charlynn McBee, Tour Director

Charlynn McBee - Tour DirectorIt’s a toss-up as to who was more excited when Charlynn McBee was hired as the Castle’s new Tour Director: Charlynn or her six children. “Mom’s working at a Castle? Cool! Do you think she’ll get to meet the king and queen? Will she wear a fancy dress to work?” Her children, who range in age from 14-2, were filled with questions. After Charlynn explained what she’d be doing, one child said, “You’ll make a great Tour Director, Mom. You’re really good at talking with people.”

While Charlynn is a great conversationalist, her responsibilities as Tour Director cover a wider range than that. She’s responsible for managing the Tour Department, which includes staffing, Snowman Wonderland Eventmarketing, and overseeing the Castle’s historic guided and self-guided tours. Charlynn’s young family makes her a natural when it comes to promoting family friendly attractions such as Castle Farms. A graduate of Indiana Tech University, Charlynn also has an extensive background in event planning. Hundreds of people enjoyed themselves at last year’s Harvest Festival, as well as the Prince and Princess Story Times held at Castle Farms.

Charlynn’s enthusiasm for the Castle is contagious. She loves chatting about the Castle with anyone and everyone: individuals, young families, tour operators, private groups, and people who’ve never visited. Charlynn thinks everyone should spend at least a few hours at Castle Farms, and she loves inviting people to come out and explore what the Castle has to offer. “I never had a true appreciation for history,” she said, “until I came to the Castle. Its rich history has deepened my appreciation for the past.”

Enchanted Forest mapCastle Farms Model Railroad

What does Charlynn recommend to people thinking of paying a visit to Castle Farms? “Our gardens are spectacular!” And with more than eighteen separate gardens to choose from, even Charlynn has trouble choosing a favorite. Her children have their special spots at the Castle too. The Castle’s Model Railroad (largest in Michigan) is a big hit with her entire family, and her kids love feeding the huge rainbow trout that hang out in the Reflection Pond. And when it comes to magical escapes, there’s no better place than the Enchanted Forest. With whimsical bridges, plus gnomes and fairies peeking out from between the trees and bushes, you never know what might be in store… perhaps even a Mossy Moose!

Charlynn McBee family photo

Charlynn often tells people, “Your adventure awaits you at Castle Farms.” As for Charlynn? She’s living the adventure of her life… at Castle Farms!

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Wedding Welcome Packets

Wedding Welcome PacketsSince Castle Farms is such a popular destination wedding location for many of our couples and their guests, we decided to create a new service to help everyone feel more welcome at the Castle and in the Charlevoix area: Wedding Welcome Packets! Available for order through our Castle Farms Gift Shop, Wedding Welcome Packets are a perfect way to show your guests how happy you are they’re attending your wedding, and how much you hope they’ll enjoy their experience. Welcome Packets include a Castle Farms History Booklet, Postcard, Pen, Bookmark, Brochure and Gift Shop Voucher, along with a Charlevoix Area Map, Visitor’s Guide, and Dining Guide; all conveniently tucked inside a Castle Farms re-usable tote bag. We’ll even throw in a bottle of water to refresh your guests as they explore the Castle and Charlevoix! Wish to upgrade your guests’ experience? Add a copy of our celebrated biography For the Love of a Castle for only $5 per book (normal retail value: $19.95). Wedding Welcome Packets can be picked up at Castle Farms for couples to distribute. Delivery to area hotels is also available for a nominal fee.

Charlevoix LighthouseCastle Farms view


Show your guests why you fell in love with Castle Farms and Charlevoix. Wedding Welcome Packets are easy to order. Simply choose your desired packets (with or without the “For the Love of a Castle” upgrade), and give us your wedding date, wedding party name, contact information, and the quantity of packets you wish to order. You can order online at our Castle Farms Online Gift Shop, or over the phone by calling our Gift Shop at 231-237-0884, ext. 240.

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