Ceremony Music-What to Know

Although we set the mood pretty well as the backdrop for your ceremony, music is also a very impactful way to help a memory last and live on. With the flexibility that we offer, choosing your musicians or narrowing down your playlist also brings questions about how this all comes together in the first place. Although the options for song choices, bands and DJ’s are seemingly endless, we have only two basic options to talk about today that will help you better decide if live or recorded music is best for you.

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The first option-which tends to be the more popular option-would be to create a playlist on your phone and have us run the music for your ceremony. Your reservation includes an Assistant Venue Coordinator that will be an extra set of hands for your Venue Coordinator. This is who we have run our sound system for your ceremony. Our sound system covers the use of our lapel microphone (your officiant will probably wear this), the handheld microphone (for any readings/speeches), and our personal favorite, a smart phone (one you would provide) with a playlist downloaded to your phone via Spotify or iTunes. While we cannot mix songs or repeat certain sections, we can smoothly fade the music in and out as each group of attendants process down the aisle. Choosing pre-recorded music is great for couples who have dependable songs that would be difficult for live musicians to reproduce and for those looking to keep costs at a minimum.

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If live musicians are more your style, your musicians will be required to bring in all of their own equipment (instruments, cords, speakers, microphones, etc.). We will provide them with the electrical outlets and a game-plan for their set-up location based on your ceremony sketch which is part of your Set-Up Packet. This is a stunning option to elevate the overall vibe for your ceremony and to keep the entertainment factor at a maximum for your guests. Be sure to check in on the Entertainment section of our Preferred Service Providers list for some incredible live musician options!

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