Employee Spotlight- Kayla Eggers, Group Tour Specialist

Kayla Eggers - Michael Murphy IV PhotographyKayla was born the same year concerts stopped playing at Castle Farms. Growing up down the street from the Castle, it was a normal part of life, so much so that she could forget it was even there. The crumbling stone building and the weed-filled lawn were just a background view on her daily rides to school.

Castle Farms Tour guides and Kayla. Photo by Michael Murphy IV Photography Michigan Tour guides and Kayla- Michael Murphy IV Photography







Fast forward to April of 2015, when Kayla was hired on as a Historical Tour Guide at the Castle. Much had changed from her youth- Linda Mueller purchased the Castle in 2001 and began the huge process of restoring it to its former glory. For an entire summer, Kayla led groups through the buildings and gardens, teaching them about the history that had lived within the walls, the people who had worked there, and the stories they all created. Now the Group Tour Specialist, Kayla is in charge of not just the small groups that visit the Castle, but also the large coach groups that come from all over the Midwest.

This October, Kayla will wed her long-time boyfriend, Jesse, at Castle Farms. The two met online in 2010 and got engaged in 2014 at Fisherman’s Island State Park in Charlevoix. Next to Jesse, Kayla’s love is her German Shepherd, Lucy. “She is very big and very smart!” Lucy is also an Instagram star and has a YouTube video with over 30,000 views. Raising Lucy with Jesse has been, in a word, “good! We conflict a little over how to train her, but come to an agreement.”

Wedding planning has begun for Kayla and Jesse Lucy with glassesKayla and Jesse - Planning their dream Michigan weddingKayla and Lucy

Kayla may often be heard humming at her desk. Quite musically inclined, she played the fiddle until she was 18 years old, and also has played piano, trumpet, base drum, penny whistle, dulcimer, and bodhran drum. As if musical talent wasn’t enough, she is also a talented photographer.

Kayla, Jesse and Lucy

Kayla will be starting a guest blogging series about her wedding planning, filled with tips, money saving ideas, and creative projects she is using for her reception décor. Be sure to check back and learn how one of our own is planning her dream wedding!

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