Castle Farms
5052 M 66 North
Charlevoix, MI 49720
Phone: (231) 237-0884

Peek Into The Past

Castle Farms Music Theater

For nearly 20 years, thousands of concert goers gathered together at Castle Farms to hear great musicians such as The Beach Boys, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Tina Turner, and Ozzy Osbourne! [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="55785,55787,55786"] It all started when Art Reibel purchased the Castle from John VanHaver in...

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Mail Order Marvel

When you want to buy groceries, a present, or a new coat, you visit local shops and probably online retailers. This wasn't always the case. For years, receiving something by mail wasn't an option. Albert Loeb, founder of Loeb Farms, now Castle Farms, made his...

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A Golden Leader

It was just this time of year, October 31, 1923, when Ernest Loeb, son of Albert Loeb the founder of Loeb Farms, saw the bright future of the cheese industry and  announced the formation of the Northern Dairy Products Company. Making cheese was quite an involved...

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Why Loeb chose Charlevoix

Current day Castle Farms sits upon the original site of the Loeb farm, originally established in 1918. We have much appreciation today for the quality masonry masterpiece with its strong stone arches and towering silos. It was built aesthetically to model that of a dairy...

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Knight’s Castle history

From dairy cows to metalwork, rock and roll to tours and weddings, Castle Farms has hosted many different people, animals, and ideas. An extensive restoration project brought it back from ruin, but one stone building remains mostly the same as when it was built, almost...

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