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Castle Gardens

Michigan Gardens

The Michigan gardens at Castle Farms — formal and informal— are stunning works of natural beauty, matching any of their counterparts found throughout Europe. Whenever possible, native plants have been used; less labor intensive and more suited to the environment, the Michigan gardens of Castle Farms blend old-world models with a 21st century approach of sustainable gardening. We invite you to come visit us and take one of our Michigan garden tours.

Main Fountain Garden

The Main Fountain Garden

A beautiful informal garden abloom with seasonal flowers, showcases the grand formal fountain that welcomes visitors to Castle Farms. A perfect example of a gorgeous Michigan garden.

East Garden

The East Garden

The second oldest garden at Castle Farms, is graced with morning sunshine, garden chairs, and a beautiful fountain. Inspired by a French castle garden, the East Garden was designed by Linda Mueller as a quiet spot for visitors to enjoy a moment’s respite from the daily concerns of modern-day life.

Kings Grand Courtyard

The King’s Grand Courtyard Garden

This gorgeous Renaissance garden with its lawns, garden and pool, is based on the splendid landscaping found at Chateau de Vaux-le-Comte in France. Featuring a multi-terraced vista, grand promenade, and flowing fountain as the crowning centerpiece, the King’s Grand Courtyard Garden offers a majestic setting and magnificent view of the Castle grounds.

Queen's Circle Garden

The Queen’s Circle Garden

This pretty little Michigan garden found on the Queen’s Drive is lush and abundant with roses and trumpeting daylilies that grow so high, they nearly hide the ornamental metal gyroscope in their reach for the sky.

Queens Tower Gardens

The Queen’s Tower Gardens

Standing sentry on either side of the two round Queen’s Towers, these beautiful flower beds filled with perennials and annuals offer visitors a colorful greeting at the Castle’s original entrance.

Queens Rose Garden

The Queen’s English Rose Garden

Overflowing with fragrant nearly-thornless roses, the Queen’s English Rose Garden also features Rose-of-Sharon shrubs and tulips. Gorgeous thorn-less rose bushes line the paved area, circling tables and chairs available for guests wishing to sit and enjoy the simple beauty and peace found in this elegant yet informal garden.

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden

This exquisite secluded area is popular for small outdoor weddings. Boxwood hedges offer complete privacy, and the distinctive butterfly chairs are a fanciful touch to this beautiful setting, where (naturally!) butterflies abound.

Alphabet Garden

The Alphabet Garden

Children love this pretty little garden running along the north side of the Hedge Maze. With its whimsical painted figures and colorful signs, the Alphabet Garden features flowers ranging throughout the entire alphabet, Astilbe through Zinnia.

Hedge Maze

The Hedge Maze

Part of the Castle Train Garden(s), the Hedge Maze features three entrances and/or exits, with train tracks swooping overhead. A tower playhouse for children stands in the middle of the Maze.

West Courtyard Garden

The King’s West Courtyard Garden

This elegant formal garden is ablaze with beautiful seasonal flowers. The graceful white garden gazebo was designed by the husband of Albert Loeb’s great-granddaughter.

Trellis Garden

The West Trellis Garden

Reminiscent of the covered walkways found in European castles, this open trellis walkway features climbing hydrangeas and wisteria winding along the roof and sides.

Knights Circle Garden

The Knight’s Circle Gardens

Glorious roses, daisies, hydrangeas, zinnia, and rudbeckia swirl in fragrant procession in the Knights’ Circle Garden, lining the driveway of the Knights Castle and Courtyard.

Knights Courtyard

The Knight’s Courtyard Garden

Part of the original stable grounds during the days of Albert Loeb, this beautiful secluded garden bordered by hedges was the first Castle garden to be completed by Linda Mueller. Renowned for its sweet sensual roses, this garden also features a Prince Charming frog fountain (originally a horse trough). The Knight’s Courtyard Garden was dedicated to John VanHaver in 2006, in recognition of his foresight for preserving the property as a castle, as well as a historic landmark.

Reflection Pond

The Reflection Pond

Bordered by day lilies, the Reflection Pond is stocked with large rainbow trout, and guarded on the south side by Sid the Sea Monster. Gracing the east shore is a charming garden gazebo. With sheltered swings, the gazebo is a perfect spot for feeding the fish or simply enjoying the view.

Serenity Garden

The Serenity Garden

This scenic shady spot is accessed by crossing a whimsical bridge over a bubbling brook. Off the beaten track, this quiet little garden features tables and benches where guests can sit and chat, or dream the day away.

Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest

A whimsical wooden sign points the way to The Enchanted Forest, one of the most magical spots in all the Castle grounds. Children of all ages delight in playing hide-n-seek with the fairies and gnomes dwelling beneath the bushes and trees. You’ll spy native flowers such as wild asters and lady slippers as you wind your way through this lovely little land, criss-crossing bridges and strolling twisting paths. But be forewarned! Turn a corner, and you may come face to face with a Mossy Moose!

Herb Garden

The Herb Garden

Found outside The Enchanted Forest, guests are drawn by the sweet scents of French tarragon, summer savory, germander, tansy, calendula, oregano, borage and basil. Fragrant parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme can also be found in this lovely lyrical garden.

Garden Gallery

Norm and The Dragon’s Lair

Meet Norm, Castle Farms’ very own dragon, made of 100% recycled metal! Norm boasts over 6,900 scales, clawed feet, humongous wings, sharp teeth, and weighs 3,700 pounds. He stands guard over the Castle from the Dragon’s Lair, a garden featuring prickly pear, yucca, sea holly, and other ferocious flora pieces. Norm comes to us from Grand Rapids, where he was a finalist in the 2012 ArtPrize competition.