Ask the Coordinators- Wedding Rehearsals

Anna F asks: “When is my rehearsal scheduled?”

Michigan Wedding Coordinator Kayla Kuzel Kayla says: “This is such a great question! Not only is scheduling your Michigan wedding rehearsal important for your friends/family traveling plans, but it is often the first event that kicks off the wedding celebrations.

“Your assigned Venue Coordinator will contact you two months before your wedding to introduce herself and give information on decorating and rehearsal time. Both are dependent on ceremony space and reception room availability for the day prior to your wedding. Your Venue Coordinator will let you know the time for your rehearsal; if that time does not work with your schedule, we can explore other times that may be available.

“Rehearsals typically occur between 1:00pm and 5:00pm the day prior to your wedding. This timing allows us to maximize the privacy of your rehearsal and also give you time to prepare for a rehearsal dinner. If you have a request for your rehearsal to take place on a day other than the day before your wedding, or a specific time, you can let anyone in the wedding office know and we will put a note in your account. We will do our best to accommodate your request based on availability when we begin scheduling rehearsals.

“Whether you have a hired wedding planner who will run your rehearsal or you plan to have your Castle Venue Coordinator facilitate, we do our best to make sure all nerves are calmed and that everyone is prepared for their part in the ceremony.  Your Venue Coordinator will work closely with your ceremony officiant to make sure everyone goes down the aisle in the right order, at the right time and finds their spot at the front of the ceremony location.  The officiant then runs through any parts of the ceremony that need to be rehearsed, and the recessional practice follows. Rehearsals are scheduled to last 45 minutes, with most taking about 30-40 minutes, which offers enough time to practice a second or third time if needed, and then time to re-group with your loved-ones before continuing with the rest of the day’s plans!”

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