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1: What is your pricing?

Take a look at our Wedding Guide for details on our venue pricing, inclusions and food/beverage policies.

2: Can I choose my own vendors?

Yes, you can! Our Preferred Service Providers list connects you with verified wedding professionals who have worked hard to get on the list and keep up their reputations to stay on it.

3: What is your availability?

Below are links for you to explore our current availability (subject to change) for hosting a ceremony-and-reception or reception-only event at Castle Farms:

4: Can I tour the different locations?

We would love to have you here for a private wedding tour! Keep in mind, we offer a 10% discount for reserving your room and date during this appointment and we offer appointments both in person and via Skype. Here are links to explore our Venue Specialists’ availability for your private wedding tour:

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